is a tool to explore McGill University’s investment data, obtained by Divest McGill via Access to Information requests.

We have organized the endowment into several categories of interest, bringing into focus the investments that we do not consider socially and environmentally responsible. Contextual information about each company and links to further research are provided where available.

Here is an overview of the endowment:

The approximate total value of McGill’ endowment is $854,827,073.67.

Direct equity and fixed-income investments in corporate entities (excluding cash-equivalent assets, foreign currency, government bonds, mutual funds, mortgage-backed loans, and real estate) amount to $564,387,294.62, distributed as follows:

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Investment data current as of March 31, 2024.

The information presented on this website is the result of both manual and automated data processing that includes data from third-party sources. Despite best efforts, the authors do not guarantee the correctness, reliability, and completeness of the information provided.